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The puppies arrived on 3/29 & 3/30/17!!  Both Carmen and Winnie were bred to "Bogie".  Both blacks and yellows arrived as anticipated!  Looks like it is going to be one busy spring for me!!!  Please free to contact us via email or phone for more information.  Please note that all pups are sold on an AKC Limited Registration.

For updates to the 'puppy blog' for our spring 2017 litters please see the new website here.

While waiting on the new arrivals please take a look at our Carmen litter of last summer and their first 8 weeks:

July 4, 2016:  Carmen's pups arrived on June 30, 2016.  Dad is the very handsome
CH Stonewall Farm's Here's Looking At You Kid "Bogie" .  As we hope all litters arrive without much fanfare and drama this litter was not meant to be that way.  Sadly we lost 4 pups out of the 7.  A stuck pup happened which resulted in an emergency c-section late that evening.  Usually a section does not result in lost pups but unfortunately this time it was not the case.  As much of a cloud that put on the arrival of the pups there is a silver lining - I am truly thankful that Carmen is fine - her trio of pups are fine and I have a vet along with his wife who does emergency calls at all hours of the day and night.


          No fireworks here - just the squeaks of newborns!  Celebrating the 4th with some red white and blue!

July 10, 2016:  The trio of girls are growing fast!  They doubled their weights within the first week!  They are solid girls and mom is doing a wonderful job with them.  They are just starting to get a bit of leg under them - no doubt they will be up and walking, eyes and ears open by this time next week!

   Funny - I put this stuffed toy in and they thought it was mom - fun to watch them sniff and look for the milk bar!

                                                   "We are family...I got all my sister's with me"

July 20, 2016:  Sorry for the late update this week - we enjoyed a picnic at our neighbors last Sunday and somehow the days zoomed on by since then!  I have to say a lot has happened in the last week in the pups lives!  They are up and mobile now, their eyes and ears are open, and we are even getting little tiny tag wags!  They recognize my voice and chase after mom when she hops in with them!  And then today I noticed that their teeth are starting to show signs of poking through too!  It always amazes me how fast they go from newborns and turn into puppies!  Here's a short video  of them at 2 weeks old, and our weekly pictures from Sunday 7/17/16:



July 25, 2016 - 1st meal for the girls!  No need to tell these these girls a second time that supper was served - they dove right in, in true labrador style!



                                                                 We know who the chow hound is!                                                                                                                      
               Hey - I think we can get out of here!                                    Aunt Winnie checking out the pups!

July 30, 2016 - The girls are all getting big!  Everyone is right around 6 pounds!  6x their birth weights!  They were outside for the first time yesterday taking in the sites and sounds - today they had their first visitors!  They did wonderful!  We are at the half way point and I know their families are counting the days!

                                Off and running!                                                                    Taking it all in!

                                Hmmm....water!                                                Auditioning for the Labra-nacle Choir!

                           Getting ready for a nap!                                      Play some, nap some...we can learn from labs!

August 9, 2016 - First swim!!!  It's been warm - no its been hot - these last few weeks - so we got the puppy pool out and let the girls test the water!  This is their first time testing the waters - they weren't too sure about it right off - maybe we need to get Aunt Kate in the pool and let her show them the way (she loves swimming!)!



August 14, 2016 -
Everyone is now over 10 pounds and closing in on 11 lbs!  We did a little bit of individual exploring of the 'world' today!  As you can see the girls enjoyed their romps and "photo shoots"! 

                            Yellow girl ("Piper")                                                             Right Rear ("Summer")

                                                                             Left Rear ("Lola")

August 20, 2016 - The pups have gotten into the routine of the 'daily swim' outside!  They enjoy playing tag getting in and out of the pool and also chase around it!  It makes for an enjoyable evening after dinner to sit and watch the antics!  Today the agenda was a swim and a picnic!




August 26, 2016 - Pick up day!  After 8 weeks of watching the pups grow it is finally the day when 'the girls' head home with their families!  It is always so much fun to celebrate with the families their new additions!  Thank you to Piper, Lola and Summer's families for giving them such wonderful homes!  We look forward to updates and hearing how they are doing as they grow up and over the years!

                                     "Summer"                                                                                  "Lola"