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 BISS CH Lobuff Bobwhite at Chucklebrook WC x Chucklebrook Rory Borealis CD
(OFA hips good and elbows normal, Optigen normal, annual CERFs)
4/26/2003  - 2/18/16

In February we said goodbye to Emma.  She was the queen of the Labradors here in Argyle!  She knew everything that was going on and was always up for a game of ball.  Even in her final days she played some retrieves with her 'Scooby Ball' (a small kid sized basketball she loved to carry around).  She was a girl who made herself at home at your feet inside and then outside she was our 'door bell' - never missing the opportunity to woof someone walking by or the UPS truck driving up the driveway! are missed and will always be in our hearts!

  CH Lenches Gallivant
 CH Boradors By George
  CH Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream
CH Lobuff Bobwhite at Chucklebrook WC  
   CH Hirsipirtin Turtle at Lobuff
 CH Lobuff's Turtle Dove 
CH Curlee Hill Lobuff Seeonee

  Chucklebrook Mogen Davidcain
 Chucklebrook Mouse that Roared 
  CH Chucklebrook Mousefeathers
 Chucklebrook Rory Borealis CD 
CH Chucklebrook Danmark
 Chucklebrook Spring Rain 
   Dimeno's Autumn Snow

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